Sterling The Refresher Womens Snowboard Ski Socks 2012


Sterling Refresher Womens Snowboard Ski socks If you are not comfortable and warm when you are riding; you will not ennjoy it. The Refresher socks from Sterling are made using Acrylyester fiber technology and strategic silhouette construction; Sterling socks regulate your feet's microclimate by keeping them warm and dry by getting sweat up and away from your skin. Ignore the old granny's tale to wear two pairs of socks as feet crammed in to a boot will only make your feet colder. Proper circulation and mobility are your friends so we place padding where you need it most; on the bottom of your foot. As you know; heat rises. As you also know; heat trapped in your boot creates a sauna effect; only there's no exit and you're trapped. Even on the coldest days your feet will eventually sweat in this claustrophobic climate. Our sock construction allows heat and moisture to rise and move away from your foot. The result is a foot that is dry and ready for some proper snow surfing action! Key Features Sterling girls specific design Acrylyester fiber technology strategic silhouette construction The toe and heel cup are thick for comfort Articulated joint area is designed to prevent sock bunch reduced thread count for moisture management on top of foot Machine Wash Cold Tumble dry low 70% Acrylic 20% Nylon 10% Spandex

Price: £11.75 at The Board Basement