Demon Flexforce x Pant D30 Womens Snowboard Impact Shorts Long 2015


Demon Flexforce X Short D30 Womens Snowboard Impact Shorts Long 2015 Various Sizes A great protective womens long impact short from Demon with plenty of protection and using the highly rated D30 material which absorbs shocks as it hardens on impact and then returns to its original state. These pants will keep you safe while having a slimmer profile and a nice feminine cut and detail. The coccyx protection is reinforced on these pants with a higher piece of D30 which sits just above the waistline for even more protection against bumps and knocks from hard and icy surfaces. These Long pants also include knee pads for maximum protection Key Features: Long design with Medium density knee pads D30 material coccyx protection Full ventilating legs Thermoform; full flex hips and butt Extended lower back protection Feminine cut and fit Elastic waist band Multi sport all season gear RRP £99

Price: £99.00 at The Board Basement