K2 Contour BOA Womens Snowboard Boot 2014 in Black


K2 Contour BOA 2014 Womens Snowboard Boots New Black 2014 The 2014 K2 Contour is a dual BOA boot which defines the perfect fit of a snowboard boot. The Boa tightening works on both the outer shell and then a second Boa 'Conda' system tightens liner from the outside of the boot which will allow for the most fine-tuned even tightening you could ever desire! This makes any on the hill quick adjustments easy without even opening your boot; no more cold feet when u need to adjust your boot on the hill! Harshmellow damping makes the soles and footbeds on these boots soft comfortable and good for long periods of time on your feet riding. The K2 2014 Contour; nothing comes close! Key Features: FLEX: 6 LACING SYSTEM: K2 Double Boa® LINER LACING: Boa®Conda™ LINER: Intuition™ Control Foam 3D OUTSOLE: Phylon with Harshmellow™ FOOTBED: 3D Formed EVA with Harshmellow™ LINER FIT: Custom Moldable Internal J Bars; Velcro Pod Closure DETAILS: Dual Density 3D Formed Tongue RRP £250

Price: £184.00 at The Board Basement