Women's Flux GS Snowboard Bindings - Tie Die


Women's Specific Ultima Highback: Soft, low highback to help prevent calf bit; Super Tough Nylon: Awesome shock absorption thanks to the Nylon blend; The Nylon also moulds your boots for a secure and snug fit; Hybrid Cushion: The highback has dual density EVA for extra stability and loads of cushioning; Vogue Base: Responsive and lightweight with padding for awesome absorption; Performance Blend: This blend will handle everything that you can throw at it, super durable!; Adjustable Toe and Heel Cushion: Extend or retract the length of the baseplate toe and heel side; A perfect fit for your board and boots!; Toolless Lever: Add forward lean to direct pressure more accurately to your board's edges from the chassis of the binding; The lever allows the board to flex more naturally; FTM Versa Toe Straps: Softer and stronger moulded toe strap. This one piece design naturally moulds to boot's contours; The Toe Straps increase response and minimize pressure points; F-Tech 3D Fit Strap: 3 dimensional strap that rids of pinch points and evenly spreads pressure; L-Guide System: Guides your ladder straps into the buckles sweet spot; UU Fit: These straps are cradled in a 360 degrees chassis for added durability and to minimize pinch points; :: Women > Snowboard Bindings Size: X-Small.

Price: £129.49 at Surfdome