Women's Flow Minx GT Snowboard Bindings - White


MoldedPlastic Rockered Baseplate: Minimized contact area with the board for power; Rocker corners of baseplate allow to optimal flex; Aluminium Alloy Mod-Back: Lower and upper zones are separated for strength and support; Tweak.6 SupportPanel: Support panels to upper zones of Mod-Back; Fusion Powerstraps: 3D shaped and fuses with the ankle and toe zones over the midfoot; Super comfort with padded form-fit to your boot; LSR Buckles: Step in or side entry with locking slap ratchet buckles; Optimal flex is available thanks to the rocker corners of the baseplate; Full-EVA Toe & Heel inserts: Impact absorbing and added comfort; Flex: Soft-Medium for fun and forgiving ride; Ability: All abilities; Terrain Profile: All Mountain; :: Women > Snowboard Bindings Size: Large.

Price: £123.49 at Surfdome