Women's Burton Escapade Snowboard Bindings - Black


Single-Component Baseplate Construction: One material throughout creates consistent response and feel for all terrain; 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite: More responsive than the Park Blend yet still plenty playful; Re:Flex, Baseplate: Minimised, cored baseplate dramatically improves board flex and feel; Re:Flex, Bindings: Offer more flex and feel than disc bindings - compatible with all major mounting systems; Canted Hi-Back: Ergonomically shaped to follow the natural contours of your legs - maximum control and comfort; Zero Forward Lean: For riders who like a more playful and relaxed feel. Can still be cranked forward for carving control; Kickback Hammock: Dynamic interaction between internal spring & rubberised hammock - better response & reduced vibration; MicroFLAD,: Tool-free forward-lean adjustment for easy-tuning and maximum angle options; True Fit,: Harmonious connection thanks to the women-specific fit for total comfort and maximum control; HammockStrap,: Reactstrap roots in a stitch-less construction for ultra-response with minimal materials; Flex Slider: Stretched hinging slider that allows the ankle strap to flex and fall fully open; GettaGrip Capstrap,: Grip fit rubber, minimal construction with true wrap toe window, 3D curved triple axis spine; Double Take Buckles: Helical teeth & 'Insta-Click' combine for better torque per crank, faster uptake & improved strength; Re:Flex AutoCANT FullBed Cushioning: Dual-density EVA - improved comfort, reduced fatigue & more direct board feel; Under-Baseplate EVA Dampening + B3 Gel: Made to withstand repeated impacts without breaking down in the cold; :: Women > Snowboard Bindings Size: Small.

Price: £149.49 at Surfdome