Rome Womens Katana Snowboard Bindings - Bone


Baseplate: V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate: the industry's lowest percentage of baseplate contact, with correct flex; AsymWrap Technology: 3 points of fixed engagements, 2 in the back and 1 on the front medial side; Minimalist Disc: Allows for overall weight savings and reduces the baseplate board contact; Highback: Asym Katana Highback - Softer on the medial side for freedom of movement; Cant-in-the-Back II - Exclusive to Rome bindings; Allows you to adjust side-to-side angle of the highbacks to align them with your lower leg angles; Full Highback Rotation with Channel Adjust - Adjust the highback angles from 0 to 24 degrees; This allows you to match your stance and riding angles for more power and comfort; Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster; Straps: New Contour Boss 2 Ankle Strap: temperature resistant materials in a lower-profile design; PivotMount Strap Technology: Allows you to customise flex and supportiveness in the ankle strap; AutoStrap Technology - Your ankle strap is pulled out of the way so you can step quicker and hassle-free; New ContourLight 2.0 Toe Strap: a low-pressure, low-profile fit to any boot; Padding: Tool-Free Yes, I Cant binding foot bed - So you are able to adjust the angle of the footbed; Ratchets: Hybrid Buckles: a 2 part buckle to reduce slippage and wear-and-tear; The elegant lines of the Katana are matched by the sophistication of its performance. An evolution of Rome's signature UnderWrap heel hoop design creates the perfect blend of toe-to-heel power and side-to-side surfiness. Advanced customisation innovations, which are totally optional, let riders fine-tune the binding to their style or just run it badass out of the box.; :: Women > Snowboard Bindings Size: Small/Medium.

Price: £209.99 at Surfdome