K2 Charm Womens Snowboard Bindings 2014 in Silver Medium


K2 Charm Sample Womens Snowboard Bindings New Silver 2014 Medium Brand New Showroom Sample in Box The 2014 K2 Charm snowboard binding is the best bang for your buck binding a lady can get. Featuring the A-Line chassis and a comfortable Caddi Ankle strap; the Charm is all the luck a girl needs to just keep riding. Features: CHASSIS: A-Line PC Chassis GAP ERASER HIGHBACKS: Allows you to completely eliminate gapping between highback and your boots WOMEN'S FLAIR FRAME: Center spine for heel-side response; while offering a forgiving side-to-side flex POWER RAMP: Tool-less adjustment; integrated with Full seamless footbed TOE STRAP: Tool-Less Universal Toe Strap RATCHET: Strong; durable reinforced Polymer lever ratchets Medium: UK3. 5 - 7. 5 RRP £140

Price: £91.00 at The Board Basement