K2 Charm Womens Snowboard Bindings 2012 in White Small


K2 Charm Womens Snowboard Bindings 2012 in Black The 2011-2012 K2 Charm snowboard binding is the best binding for the buck a lady can get. Featuring the A-Line chassis and a comfortable Caddi Ankle strap; the Charm is all the luck a girl needs to just keep riding. Features: CHASSIS: A-Line PC Chassis GAP ERASER HIGHBACKS: Allows you to completely eliminate gapping between highback and your boots WOMEN'S FLAIR FRAME: Center spine for heel-side response; while offering a forgiving side-to-side flex POWER RAMP: Tool-less adjustment; integrated with Full seamless footbed TOE STRAP: Tool-Less Universal Toe Strap RATCHET: Strong; durable reinforced Polymer lever ratchets Small: UK1 - 3. 5 Medium: UK3. 5 - 7. 5 RRP £120

Price: £79.00 at The Board Basement