K2 Cassette Womens Snowboard Bindings 2013 in White


K2 2013 Cassette All mountain Freestyle Bindings In White Small The Cassette bindings are built on K2's womens specific A-Line GF chassis designed to meet the contours of the female foot. Featuring womens Urethane Tweakback highback with mid flex to make these bindings forgiving and easy to get along with. Aimed with the intermediate or freestyle rider in mind these bindings would suit anyone from a beginner with the softer flex in the binding to the advanced freestyler who wants the binding to flex when they tweak a grab. Super cush ankle straps and tool less toe strap adjustments combine this binding to be one the most comfortable all round bindings at an excellent price. Key Features: Chassis - A Line GF - Glass reinforced female specific chassis tailored to the female foot Straps - Caddi cush straps with tool-less universal toe strap for maximum comfort and ease Highback - Tweakable Urethane highback; forgiving flex for freestylers and more easy going riders Size Chart: Small 1Uk-3. 5UK Medium 3. 5UK-7. 5UK

Price: £89.00 at The Board Basement