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How to buy your perfect snowboard

At SDUK we know how difficult it is to navigate your way through the minefield of getting a new snowboard. That is why in addition to bringing you the hottest snowboard deals in the UK we also wanted to give you a little advice that might make your decision all the easier! Getting the right stick for the snow is essential if you are going to make the most out of your snowboarding holidays. Do you enjoy riding in parks or on half pipes? Are you just looking to cruise the mountains or is speed your thing? Here are some things to consider.

Board specifications – Height, foot size and weight
Let’s start with the basics. We all come in different shapes and sizes and your board should fit your body shape. Length wise a decent measure to keep in mind is that your board, when stood up on its end, should roughly be somewhere in between your chin and your nose. At this length a board is easy to manoeuvre and perfect for learners, or those that like to bust out the tricks. A slightly longer board, say from the floor to your forehead is a good all round choice if you like to mix up the terrain and the longer the snowboard, the better for getting up speed and carving your way through the powder.
Another thing to consider is the width of your snowboard. Board width is determined by the size of your feet. Obviously if you have size 12’s you can’t have a skinny board or your feet will be hanging over the edge which will make cornering.....well, interesting! It is probably worth noting your feet size in centimetres , as this is what board width is usually displayed.
Finally but importantly, consider your weight. Big guys on short boards can sometimes lack the surface area to turn efficiently and you can end up on your butt (or worse your face) as your snowboard slips away from you. Generally, if you are a little heavier, a longer board will give better stability.

What kind of snowboarder are you?

For all you middle of the roaders out there, freeride snowboards still make up the vast majority of the those available. The reason? Their versatility. Equally at home cruising the mountain or getting air, this is the board for the rider who want a whole mountain experience.

High speed carver
Increasingly popular, these boards are stiffer and great for high speed jaunts down the slightly more well groomed runs.

Fancy busting out a 1080 at the next X Games event? Then this is the board for you. Light, short and more flexible boards make for a responsive and manoeuvrable choice.

Whatever the style of board best suits you, on SDUK you can find the snowboard of your dreams at sale prices