Butta Wax Butta Rub-On 200g


Use exactly as it says on the packet, Rub it on, scrape it off. Ideal for that mid-weekwax job, or use at the end of the holiday as a storage wax. Very easy to use, and hencehas become Buttas top selling wax. This wax is high in hydrocarbon, low influorocarbon, so much better for the environment and the user.With some rub-on waxes you find that the performance doesnt match the iron-onproducts, not with Butta, this wax is super quick!Butta is a UK skier and snowboarder born company, and all their products arehandmade here in the UK, ensuring that every batch is of the highest quality. Buttaonly use 100% biodegradable products to make their waxes.

Price: £8.99 at Snow and Rock