Butta Eco Ski and Snowboard Wax - Green


100% environmentally; Contains NO fluorocarbons; Iron-on, scrape off wax; One block will last at least 10 waxes, so use sparingly; Set iron at a low temperature (90-120); Performs just as well as other high-flouro waxes; User friendly; The UK brand Butta was born out of a constant struggle to find an easy to apply, long lasting, nice smelling, fast and reliable wax. Crafted by real ski and snowboarders, the wax has been tested in real alpine conditions, and the recipe perfected over 2 years.; ; Greener than any other wax on the market, Butta wax is both enviornmentally and user friendly, all set for you to wax and go shred! :: Unisex > Snow Skis Size: one size.

Price: £8.99 at Surfdome