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Just like any bit of equipment, if you take care of your snowboard, it will take care of you. And at SDUK we are all about taking care of your bank balance so this is the place to come looking for all of the snowboarding tools that you might need. We also have a wide variety of snowboard wax to make sure that yours is the slickest ride on the hill.

Why bother with snowboarding tools?
Let’s run a scenario – You’re up the most beautiful mountain that you have ever seen. As you look out, nothing but snow capped peaks. You look down, powder as far as the eye can see. It’s for moments like this that you started snowboarding. You’re getting yourself strapped in when disaster, you notice your bindings are loose, there is no way that you will make it all the way down without tightening them, even if you take it easy! AGGGGGHHHH! If only you had something as simple as a torque driver, which would easily fit in your pocket, this would never happen!!!

Phew. Luckily SDUK is here to make sure that you’re never in the situation where you get stuck like this without a basic snowboarding tool. Check out the sale price offers above and we’ll see you right.

Why bother with snowboarding wax?
The simple answer is that it will help your board to last longer and go faster. Adding wax to your board helps create and maintain the smooth service that will mean that you use just the minimum of effort to control your turns. Without snowboard wax the surface of your stick will become increasingly rough. This will obviously slow you down but it will also place extra stresses on the board and could make it more likely to break.

How best to wax your board
Using snowboard wax properly is a little bit of a faff, so here is the best way to make sure your board is protected.

Get your snowboard up on a surface off the ground, like on a couple of house bricks. Most snowboarding wax comes in bar form, so you will need to heat it up to spread it on evenly. To do this it’s best to use an old iron.

Once its malleable enough spread it on using a flexible bit of plastic. Once the wax is dry, use the bit of plastic again to remove any excess. The liquid snowboard wax will have seeped into the texture of your board and what you want left at the end is just a thin shiny veneer. This can be buffed down even further with a textured cloth and should be repeated around every 3 times you use your board.

Tips galore and rock bottom sale prices for your snowboarding wax and snowboarding tools. You don’t have to thank us, it’s ok!