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The best snowboarding jackets in the UK!

If you are looking for this years best deals on snowboarding jackets, then Snowboarding Deals UK is the place to start. Check out the wide range of snowboard jackets below from top brands like Oakley, Animal, DC and Nike, all at the cheapest prices on the net.

Cost effective
If you’re a keen boarder, planning to spend the majority of your holiday time cruising the slopes of the hottest resorts then it is well worth the investment of getting your own snowboarding jacket. We’ve all been there when you walk into a resort shop, chomping at the bit to grab your hire gear and get up the hill, only to find yourself walking out with a jacket that fits like a sack, is the colour of a visibility aid and could be straight out of the 1980’s! With SDUK you can get kitted out with the latest designs from all the big manufacturers at rock bottom prices.

Top Brands
Not that this is a fashion show! The snowboard jackets on SDUK are also top of the line and have all the refinements that you would expect from brands like Protest and Quiksilver. Keep an eye out for snowboard jackets with taped seams, glove clips, and easily accessible pockets for your ski pass. Many even have pockets for your ipod or Mp3 player so you can listen to your own tunes while floating over powder or shredding the hard stuff. From the downright functional to high spec, hi-tech Gore-tex , the long favoured material of people going out in to the elements. Since the early 70’s this stuff has been used to make garbs for the intrepid that are both lightweight and completely water and windproof. The material itself is so hardwearing that it is used in the medical profession as a replacement for a damaged cruciate ligament! It can be found in many of the Snowboarding jackets available onsite.

How to pick the right snowboarding jacket for you?
Keep in mind when you are looking for your dream jacket the waterproofing and breathability ratings. If you know that you are going to be heading to certain slopes where the climate is particularly wet, or warm, you should check out the spec of your snowboard jacket to make sure that you choose the right one. Waterproofing levels are measured on a scale called the Hydrostatic Head. It is measured in mm and worked out by the placing a tube on the material of your snowboard jacket, and filling it until the pressure of the water pushes through the material. Really good jackets can have a rating in the tens of thousands mm! Breathability is measured in grams (gm) and the standard test of material is how much water vapour will go through one square metre in 24 hours. In both cases the higher the number, the better the jacket. has got you covered when it comes to picking up your snowboard jacket at sale prices, minimising the cost of you hitting the mountains this year with the freshest and most contemporary designs on the market.