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Pow Mens Hypervent Long Gloves Grey 2013

Pow Mens Hypervent Long Gloves Grey 2013
£13.00 at The Board Basement

Pow Gloves Grom Glove Black 2013 small

Pow Gloves Grom Glove Black 2013 small
£18.90 at The Board Basement

Salomon Men's Tactile Glove

Salomon Men's Tactile Glove
£69.99 at Snow and Rock
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There's no doubt about it, sometimes when you’re snowboarding it is a mite chilly. A decent pair of snowboarding gloves are a must. Your snowboard gloves will be put through the mill due to the very nature of snowboarding. Your hands will make regular contact with your board and the snow so they need to be waterproof, warm and hardy. Here are a few things to consider before you carry on looking through our site at the UK's full range of snowboarding gloves and mittens.

Snowboarding gloves or mittens?
In terms of waterproofing, which is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when making your purchase, snowboarding mittens have a distinct advantage over gloves purely because they have less seam where water might get in. Other than that it really is a question of individual preference.

In snowboard mittens you may keep your hands slightly warmer as all your fingers will be touching each other, but in snowboard gloves you might feel that you have a better feel as it is more like having your normal hand. You also may be willing to sacrifice a degree of waterproofing and warmth if you don't like the look of mittens!

Choosing the right snowboarding gloves or mittens
Like so many things, you get what you pay for with snowboarding gloves. Because of how hard snowboarding is on your gloves, if you go with a really cheap pair you might find that they fall apart after a few sessions. When you're learning you spend a lot of time with your hands in the snow, pushing you on to your feet. Cold wet hands is the last thing you need when you're focused on linking your turns!

If you can possibly afford it go for one of the more expensive models from a brand like Burton or Dakine as these really will last longer. SDUK can really help you here as even the most expensive brands can be found for the cheapest sale prices in the UK. Things to look out for when choosing your snowboarding gloves are the material like gor-tex, which is highly waterproof; triple stitched or taped seams and protective rubber padding on the palms and fingers. These are signs of good quality, well put together snowboarding gloves that will last the course.

Also, if you like to ride snow parks, or do lots of grabs you might want to consider looking at some pipe gloves. These tend to be thinner than proper snowboarding gloves and so are less warm. They are more manoeuvrable and have grippy fingers so you can get a good hold on your board as you fly through the air! It’s also possible to get gloves that have inbuilt wrist guards. These are excellent for beginners and offer great protection if you take a tumble.

Over or Under Gloves?
Simply put, over means the gloves go over your jacket cuff whilst under gloves tuck inside the cuff. Over gloves tend to keep your hands and wrists a little drier and warmer but are a little more cumbersome.

Have a browse at the killer prices above. You won’t find a broader range for of snowboard gloves in the UK!