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On SDUK we have a huge range of snowboard bags and luggage for all your needs. You will find the broadest range of bags in the UK from all the top stores and brands like Dakine, DC, North Face and Burton. We have bags for your board, bags for your clothes, bags for your kit while you are up the hill and everything in between!

Snowboard Bags
Your snowboard is probably the most expensive bit of kit that you have. Fact. You spend hours waxing it to protect it when you are riding so it makes sense that you also take care of it when it is being carried from A to B when it's being chucked about by luggage handlers or dragged around an Alpine town by your good self.

The broad range of products at rock bottom prices that we have on the site mean that you can get a top quality snowboard bag for your deck without breaking the bank. Make sure yours is roomy enough so that you can also shove in your other gear like your bindings, your wax and any tools that you carry.

Wheelie snowboard bags take the weight off but obviously add extra kilos towards your airline baggage allowance. If you can survive on the bare minimum of clothing and recycle your undies you may be able to squeeze all your gear into a wheelie bag - I've seen it done!

Helipacks are essential for the intrepid among you that go out snowboarding all day and or are happiest heading off piste. Some of the top of the line helipacks that we have on the site have features that include hydration systems; robust protection for your valuables; snowboard carry systems so you can haul your board vertically on your back and space, so much space for extra clothes, sarnies, a camcorder or even your laptop if you just can’t stay away from Facebook and Twitter! Not only are these snowboard backpacks functional on the mountain, the organizer pockets mean that you will never struggle to find your passport when you are on your way to your location.

Snowboard Luggage
When you go away on holiday all your worldly possessions get stuffed into one case, so it may as well look stylish! Check out some of the snowboard luggage that we have on the site. All of the best brands are represented with their latest models, and all at the cheapest sale prices you will find in the UK. Snowboard Luggage is usually a soft bag with a huge capacity. This reflects the fact that you are going to need lots of clothes for the cold weather, and coats, snowboard trousers, snowboard kit etc etc. Keep an eye out for the litre capacity of the snowboard luggage you fancy and think about if you are physically going to be able to carry it.

Snowboard luggage is for life not just for snowboard holidays, but it's way cooler than your average Samsonite with bold colours and innovative designs.

Have a browse and see what takes your fancy!