Men's Rome Mod Rocker Snowboard - All Sizes


Camber Profile: FreePop Rocker: Flat under foot with rockered nose and tail; Flat midsection for stability and rocker either end for playfulness; Flex: Mid stiffness for all mountain versatility and playfulness yet aggressive when needed; True Twin Shape: Perfectly symmetrical and with identical flex in nose/tail for easy switch riding and freestyle performa; Sidecut: QuickRip Technology: Gives you 2 different sidecuts with the same radius; Result is that you get a board that feels short and loose when riding at slow speed but solid and responsive when hauling ass!; Laminates: Superlight Biax: Provides an even flexing, fun and light weight torsional feel; Featured in boards with TurboRods to help deliver insane levels of pop; Laminates: Z-Tech: A 1-inch wide strip of Zylon runs down the centreline of the board for added response and dampening; Core: Airpop Core Matrix: Has 5 zones of ultra low density wood for ultimate lightness; Air channels are used to reduce weight even further!; Pop: Turborods (carbon double barrel): Two carbon rods inside sleeves are milled into the core; The Carbon rods being attached at the end nearest the centre of the board only is the key for loads of pop!; Base: Sintercarbon: Highly porous sintered material with amazing wax retention; Carbon additives mixed in the base helps reduce friction and make this a lightning fast ride; The Mod Series is the pinnacle of performance in the Rome board line-up. Kicker lines, jib lines, deep powder, tracked out piste and icy early morning groomers, the MOD Rocker does it all. Easy turn initiation and buttery playfulness due to the flat/rocker, but still super stable at high speed and holds a mean carve when needed. It has some serious amount of tech inside that helps you pop higher, ride faster and in general have more fun than ever before. Truly one of the best (and fun) kill-it-all snowboards you can get your hands on.; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 153cm,156cm,159cm.

Price: £479.99 at Surfdome