Men's Never Summer Proto HD Snowboard - All Sizes


Rocker/Camber- Rockered between feet with cambered sections from outside bindings to lengthened transition zones; The rocker/ camber gives you fluid edge transfer, improved float in powder and less edge catch; Flex - Medium for all mountain/freestyle versatility; Shape - Twin: Nose and tail has the same shape, flex and sidecut for easier switch riding and freestyle domination; Edges/Side Cut - Vario Power Grip: Consists of multiple radius's creating extra contact points to enhance edge hold; It also allows the board to track straight whilst riding with the base flat yet with sharp turn initiation when put on an edge; Topsheet- Carbonium: Very durable, scratch and chip resistant with a carbon-like texture for traction; Laminates - STS Pre-tensioned Fibreglass is pre-hardened, pre-tensioned biaxial laminates for strength and edgehold; Dampening - RDS 2 System: lightweight system uses 3 narrower laminated damping layers; The RDS 2 System provides a combination of vibration absorption and stability; The Proto also uses Perforated Rocker Pad located in the mid-section of the board; This absorbs the vibrations from the rockered area which is in constant contact with the snow; Core - NS Super Light: Specifically for the new Carbonium serie; This core blends extremely light wood with durable hardwood for unmatched strength to weight ratio; Base - Durasurf XT 5501: super fast, durable sintered base designed specifically for the Carbonium Series; Never Summer's Swiss Army Knife snowboard offering the versatility people need to ride the entire mountain without restrictions. It's packed full of tech and innovation to help you get maximum fun and performance out of your riding. Medium flexing but with a serious amount of snap, pop and response that creates a high performance board in a user friendly package. Quick and easy turn initiation due to the extended transition zones and great edge hold courtesy of the Vario Power Grip sidecut. From peak to park the Proto will have your back no matter what the situation is!; ; ; Please Note: Base colours may vary; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 154cm,157cm,160cm.

Price: £519.99 at Surfdome