Men's Lobster Jibb Baord Snowboard - Multicolour


Flex: Super soft, perfect for rails, butters, presses and jibbing; Jib TBT: Completely symmetrical on nose and tail for a perfect true twin ride; It has a wide centrebase flat area to stabilise presses and butters. The sidebase TBT uplift gives a super forgiving effect; The mellow, almost flat, camber presses easily with plenty of pop to those ollies!; Pop Core: Full poplar wood core for added flexibility for presses and pop; Carbon Bi Ax: Bi-Ax laminates over and under the wood core feature fiberglass layers aligned in different direction; The layers are aligned at 45 degrees to the edges for an easy and forgiving flex; Extruded Base: Durable and low maintenance and can slide well with irregular waxing!; Party Pattern 4x2: The 4x2/ 24 pattern offers maximum precision for your binding's position; 22 inserts for a large total stance width range; Lightening Edge: Thinner lightening edges so you can carve with more precision and feeling; Terrain: Freestyle; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 151cm,153cm.

Price: £230.99 at Surfdome