Men's Capita Ultrafear Snowboard - All Sizes


Freestyle FK Camber Profile: Flat based from outer insert to outer insert provides stability at speed; Reverse camber from inserts to nose/tail makes it turn on a dime and float effortlessly in powder; Flex: Mid flex that gives a playful easy going feel for hitting the park or street features; Twin Shape: Nose and tail has the same shape, flex and sidecut for easier switch riding and freestyle domination; Radial Sidecut: A radial sidecut is a single radius design that allows your board to start and finish a turn on the same; Dynaweave Laminates: Features resin/glass application borrowed from the marine industry and has much rigid qualities; This allows for a decrease in wood core thickness. Triax on top of the core and biax below creates strength and response; Nano carbon forks added for more pop and rebound capabilities; Structural Layers: Kevlar is applied to the shoulders of the board along with high compression strength Titanial alloy; Titanial alloy throughout the centreline adds durability and dependability; P2 Superlight Core: Extremely light and versatile. Put together by an even mix of Poplar and Paulowina wood; The core is strong enough to excel at the highest level withstand impacts deliver masses of pop all whilst saving weight; Base: Wax Infused Rotation Sintered: Sintered base where the wax wicks to the surface of the base; The base keeps the board feeling freshly waxed throughout the day; A firm favourite with the Capita team riders. The Ultrafear can step up to any rail or kicker with its masses of pop and ability to take a beating. Lively and manoeuvrable so lends itself well to buttery jib tricks but can also hold down well on the piste when needed. This is one for the park/freestyle riders that want to push themselves and have the right tool to do so. High end trick sticks don't come much better than this.; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 151cm,153cm,155cm,157cm.

Price: £365.00 at Surfdome