Men's APO Iconic Wide Snowboard - Sage


Positive Camber: Control and precision, power and dynamism. This board can go anywhere; PB Blast Core: Reinforced around inserts thanks to two beech strips. Great impact resistance, extra pop; 2D Pop Fibreglass: Maneuverability and pop. The fibreglass is woven at 90 degree angles; The 2D fibreglass provides great pop and keeps the board easy to turn with less torsional stiffness; Carbon X: Pop and rebound X-shaped carbon strips placed in tip and tail to increase pop and rebound; Sintered 4000 Base: Speed and strength. High durability and glide on particularly cold snow; Slanted Sidewalls: Made of ABS and silk-screen printed; Stone Grind Base Finition:,/b> Increased speed in spring snow; Double Flex: Nimble and maneuverable; The core has slight dip in thickness between inserts for movement without losing flex and energy; Freestyle Shape: 95% Twin Tip. Tip and tail radius are nearly identical. Centered wood core and inserts; The sidecut radius is much shorter for the perfect freestyle ride; Power Grip Edge: Sidecut technology gives more grip than ever on iced or packed snow; Shred like Sage Kotsenburg himself with the Iconic Wide Snowboard! There's incredible pop thanks to the PB Blast Core and XV Carbon Strips. :: Men > Snowboards Size: 155cm.

Price: £189.49 at Surfdome