Von Zipper Beefy Ski Goggles - Bear Savage Black / Blackout


A bone in cut from the VZ meat locker, the VonZipper Beefy snow goggle will convert even the most die-hard vegetarian into a carnivore. Dry rubbed and aged to perfection this medium to large sized porterhouse features a flexible Thermo-Polyurethane frame with Triple density face foam for comfort, moisture wicking and cut so tender it falls off the bone. A dual layered anti-fog cylindrical lens gives a wide field of vision that jumps off the butcher block and on to the grill. Marinated to perfection, the Forward Venting in the frame and lens create a savory fillet of goggle au jous that is slow cooked to perfection.BEER SAVAGE //Beer Savage is not a brand, it’s a movement. One that builds community and celebrates the experience of enjoying a beer. The Beer Savage is the universal symbol of this movement; representing the inner savage that lurks within each of us. Channeling ones inner savage strengthens the movement and the connection to the community. The VonZipper / Beer Savage collaboration supports those that enjoy responsibly and snowshred recklessly.

Price: £34.99 at Urban Surfer