Men's Union Atlas Snowboard Bindings - Black


Baseplate: Stage 3/Duraflex ST: Responsive by design; Once injected with Duraflex CB the baseplate becomes even stiffer to become an all mountain shred machine; Baseplate Bushing: Vaporlite: An evolution of the closed cell foam often found in high-end running shoes; It's water resistant, durable and maintains superior dampening characteristics in cold temperatures to give a cushioned, natural; Baseplate Padding: Canted Power: Ideal for riders using wider stances; Canted gaspedals supply extra leverage for ollie power & direct edge response. They are kinder to knee & ankle joints; Highback: Atlas: Super lightweight, streamlined design that provides a seamless boot-binding fit; Also provides lateral freedom for tweaking out tricks. Response where you want it and comfort where you need it.; Straps: Sonicfuse ankle strap: A multi layer composite, fused together to form a single articulated strap component; A new approach to minimize stitching and increase overall durability; Toe Straps: Ultragrip toe strap: Can be placed in a multitude of positions; Now with all-new thermoplastic anti-slip material that keeps you locked in and on point; Ratchets: Magnesium: Fast in and out and very light; Four times the strength of aluminium at half the weight and also very easy to recycle; The Atlas is back after having a complete overhaul to become an exceptional choice of binding for all types of riding. The all new highback design is super lightweight, yet durable, and gives you enough lateral freedom to tweak out your tricks properly. The Stage 3/Duraflex ST baseplate keeps the response precise and direct whilst the canted footbeds and Sonicfused straps keep you locked in the right position to take on any part of the mountain. To quote Torstein Horgmo: ''it's exceptional in any type of snowboarding, has great style and is tough as shit''. ; :: Men > Snowboard Bindings Size: Large/X-Large,Medium/Large.

Price: £189.99 at Surfdome