Men's Salomon Rhythm Snowboard Bindings - Black/Green


Baseplate: Zone: Durable, comfortable with maximised performance with a friendly flex; Highback: Freeframe/HB Filter: Lightweight, with tool free adjustment; The ergonomically shape pair with HB Filter material to absorb unwanted vibrations and shocks packs a punch!; Padding: Full EVA: EVA running the full length of the base plate for a good amount of shock absorption; The padding still keeps response and energy transmission on a high level; Canted Footbed: Adds pop, power and extra edge control to your riding through the 2.5 degree canting in the baseplate; Straps: 3D Supreme Ankle Strap: Super soft and well padded for a maximized cushy feel; Has a torsional flex for support with no pressure points; Lock-In Toe Strap: Cored out and shaped to lock in and hold the front of your boot in place perfectly & without pressure; Ratchets: Composite Buckle: 3 Axis mechanism for a super deep throw; 3 point hinge for fast tightening action and smooth exit; The Rhythm comes with all the tech and comfort you need for a price that you want. Get the beefy performance of the 3D supreme ankle straps, canted footbeds, fully padded EVA base and the composite ratchets and you know you have a good thing going with your set-up for the winter.; :: Men > Snowboard Bindings Size: Medium,Large.

Price: £109.99 at Surfdome