Men's Rome Targa Snowboard Bindings - Stale


Baseplate: V-Rod Baseplate: correct flex through toe-to-heel power and side-to-side tweak; The baseplate is rockered in opposing corners with a rod of support from toe to heel; AsymWrap Technology: 3 points of fixed engagements, 2 in the back and 1 on the front medial side; Padding: New EVA SubBase V-Pad (D30 on the Stale pro model): For softer landings and reduction in shatter; Highback: AntiShock Highback: 2-part design where the upper portion meets the lower at an elastomeric bushing; Straps: Contourlight Ankle Strap - This minimalist design pre-loads tension to get a secure fi; No need to crank the strap down hard creation pressure points; Multiple Strap Positions: 3 different positioning options so you can customise the level of support/ looseness you want; AutoStrap Technology: Your ankle strap is pulled out of the way so you can step in much more quickly and hassle-free; ConformGrip Toe Strap: a low-pressure, super secure fit to any boot; Stale Sandbech does whatever he wants on a snowboard- big jumps, park creativity, powder lines, rail technicality. And the Targa is his choice for power and precision. For going big and doing everything super clean, he needs a binding that offers powerful, seamless response to convey his unique ideas into his board. The Targa has always been his binding of choice and maybe it needs to be yours too?; :: Men > Snowboard Bindings Size: Large/X-Large,Small/Medium.

Price: £219.99 at Surfdome