Men's Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings - Degenerati


Cant in the Back: Keeps the highback in line with your lower leg for seamless response. 3 or 6 degrees of canting; V-Rod Baseplate: Delivers natural board flex, greater side-to-side binding flexibility and full power toe to heel; Contour Ankle Strap: Plush feel for maximum comfort on long days. Dog bone shape for flexible tweakage; OpenForm Toe Strap: Maximum hold with minimum pressure, open coverage and light weight; SubBase V-Pad: Paired with the V-Rod Baseplate, fills the lifted corners for smooth side-to-side flex; Runway Highback: Lightweight, flexible and the most ergonomically shaped highback for a female shred; Customisable: Yes; Size: UK 6-9; The Runway is lightweight, sleek and full of all-terrain customizable tech. Highback that's contoured to to the anatomy of women riders. V-Rods baseplate gives the footprint for maximum board play. Natural flex with high leverage. :: Men > Snowboard Bindings Size: Large/X-Large,Medium/Large,Small/Medium.

Price: £239.99 at Surfdome