Men's Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings - Blue Denim


Baseplate: Re:Flex Single Component - One material throughout creates consistent response and feel for all-terrain domina; This creates all-terrain domination. The baseplate is lightweight and bomb-proof; Hi-Back: Canted Living Hinge - This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight; The exclusive technology allows you to adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation independent; Zero-Lean Hi-Back with DialFLAD - Zero forward lean built in for a relaxed feel; Adjust with the DialFlad if you want a cranked up response for your carves through more forward lean; Straps: Lushstrap - 3D curved to hug your boot perfectly, Triple Axis Spine & concealed EVA padding for flexibility; Primo Capstrap - 3D curved, Triple Axis spine with Grip Fit to keep it locked in place; Buckles: Smooth Glide Buckles - Feel how easy buckling in can be with the most reliable buckles in the industry; All buckles feature aluminum levers and steel bases for strength you can trust; Cushioning: Re:Flex FullBED - FullBED cushioning offers full underfoot cushioning; The underfoot cushioning maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue; Destroy all-terrain with the lightweight legend built to send your progression skyrocketing. Dependable, comfortable and with all the response and power you need for today and a long way into the future; :: Men > Snowboard Bindings Size: Medium,Large.

Price: £145.99 at Surfdome