Flow M11 Snowboard Bindings 2012 in Black Size Medium


Flow M11 snowboard bindings Black 2012 Size Medium The 2012 Flow M11 Snowboard binding is a premier all-mountain and freeride oriented snowboard binding for riders that prefer a molded baseplate. A fiber Nylon hi-back adds responsiveness and grip for turns in powder; groomers and on steeps. Flow's high-performance; luxury model binding offers all the bells and whistles to the rider who prefers the feel of a molded plastic baseplate. With "Snug-fit" design; the connection between board; boot and binding is as precise as it has ever been and makes for a smooth ride across the board; while the fiber reinforced Nylon in the baseplate and the Ventilated hiback make the M-Series one of the most responsive bindings in Flow's hierarchy. Key Features M Series Baseplate with Nylon - Reinforced nylon baseplate that delivers amazing response a a lighter weight Adjustable landing pads - Customise the fit and feel of your bindings EVA Landing Pads - A nice soft EVA rubber that makes landings super soft Ventilated Highback with LS Nylon Reinforcement - High quality highback built for all mountain performance and including 15% nylon fibres for a lighter and stronger highback A Flex Powerstrap - Lateral asymmetry at the top for true all-mountain and freeride support and drive. 3D molded core and internal multiple-panel frame for precise formfitting to any type of boot. Moderate side cutouts for more response. Free+ Snaplock - Indestructible step in mechanism 4 x Airframe Mini Ratchets - Mini ratchets allow you to use your step-in bindings as strap bindings and also make on the fly adjustments at any time SLA - Synchronous Length Adjustment allows you to customise the size of the binding for ultimate boot to binding compatability Rider Profile: Intermediate/Adavanced Mountain Profile: All mountain Freestyle Flex: Medium - Responsive Compatibility: 3 hole and 4 hole systems. Burton ICS disks sold seperately RRP £179

Price: £119.00 at The Board Basement