Snowboarding in Sweden

SwedenSweden is not often considered as a snowboarding holiday destination but it really is a hidden gem.

The best things about snowboarding in Sweden:

  1. It’s so quiet! Unless you hit half-term the slopes in Sweden are empty on week days.  A refreshing change from the motorway at rush hour feeling in the Alps.
  2. It’s not as expensive as you’d think. The Swedish currency stayed fairly level to the £ so it’s actually cheaper than the Alps once you’re there.
  3. Chuck out your chintz. Remember Ikea’s advert a few years back?  The Swedish love a more contemporary interior design and the apartments tend to have a lot more room than you’d find in France and Switzerland.
  4. Lovely friendly Swedes. The people of Sweden are very friendly and welcoming.  No gallic shrugs or Swiss indifference here.
  5. Snowparks galore. There are several snowparks in resorts such as Are, including beginner parks, which are very quiet so it’s an ideal place to practice and advance your shredding skills.
Are Jan 2009-1
Are – Sweden’s top snowboarding resort

Things to consider

  1. It’s cold in Sweden. Very cold.  Wrap up warm as temperatures can be as low as -20 degrees centrigrade in January.  You have to wrap up in the evenings too.  Ten minutes walk to the pub can feel like a walk to the North Pole if you’re not wearing several layers!
  2. It’s cheaper, but not cheap!! It’s cheaper than the Alps but still more expensive than the UK.  Beers from £5 and pizzas can cost up to £10.  Definitely worth eating in and buying a bottle of vodka from duty-free before you leave the UK.

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One thought on “Snowboarding in Sweden

  1. Sweden has become my favourite holiday destination. With the Pound being so weak, Sweden is cheaper than you’d think. The mountains may not be as high as the Alps, but with the snow line down to sea level there is still plenty of vertical descent. The snow is virtually guaranteed and the season is long. During the depths of winter, the days are relatively short, 1st lifts at 9am and last call at 3:30 but there’s always night skiing!
    The Scandinavians are a very welcoming and always polite. The accommodation is clean and warm and have excellent facilities. The Brunkulla apartments in Are even have saunas in the bathrooms! You won’t find that in France.
    There are plenty of Restaurants and bars in Are – prices are similar to eating out in London and beer is about £4 a pint (2009 prices with 11krona to the pound) compared to about £7 in Europe.
    The slopes are very quiet and lift lines are almost non-existant making for a really relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere.

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