Women's Never Summer Onyx Snowboard - All Sizes


Rocker/Camber- Rockered between feet with cambered sections from outside bindings to lengthened transition zones; The rocker/ camber gives you fluid edge transfer, improved float in powder and less edge catch; Flex - Soft: for easy board manipulation and freestyle/jib dominance; Shape - Twin: Nose and tail has the same shape, flex and sidecut for easier switch riding and freestyle domination; Edges/Side Cut - Vario Power Grip: Consists of multiple radius's creating extra contact points to enhance edge hold; It also allows the board to track straight whilst riding with the base flat yet with sharp turn initiation when put on an edge; Laminates - Biaxial: Lightweight glassfibre stringers at 0 and 90 degrees for fun freestyle performance; Dampening - Freestyle Damping System: A thin and light rubber foil is added to the laminates of the board; This creates a snappy, light and smooth feel to your riding; Core - Press Flex Wood Core: This core design features two specific softer flex points between the feet; The core provides better presses and ollie's. The perfect core for freestyle performance; This is a lightweight, true twin, low profile, spinning machine that is made for pressing rails, destroy kickers and stomping landings. It is made with the hardcore female park/freestyle rider in mind. With a core designed to be easy manipulated so you can effortlessly lock those rail presses in and pop ollie's over slow signs or boost higher over jumps. The Vario Power Grip Sidecut still allows you to put some mean carves down on them early morning groomers should you feel like it.; ; Please Note: Base colours may vary; :: Women > Snowboards Size: 149cm.

Price: £454.99 at Surfdome