Women's K2 Spot Lite Snowboard - Multicolour


Terrain: All Mountain; Precision Baseline: Flat contact points in tip/tail - board turns & tracks like classic cambers without the unstable hook; Lifted Baseline: Raised flat between feet for increased pop whist remaining straight tracking with effortless precision; Tweekend,: Extended rocker all the way to ends of board - bigger, more stable platform to press, float & land on; Hybritech,: Sidewall along running surface to nose/tail - low swing-weight, enhanced turn initiation & durability; Twin Hyper Progressive Shape: Predictable feel is responsive at high speeds & smooth enough to butter from peak to park; Rhythm W2 Core: Uniquely shaped and designed to contour to a woman's riding style and finesse; Ollie Bar,: Carbon, Kevlar & Urethane layers between bindings for strong ollies and pressing power; ICG20 Glass: Integrated carbon into the fibreglass for reduced weight, super smooth release power & a lively pop; Biax Glass: Classic structure laminate that provides a smooth, all-purpose performance; 4000 Sintered Base: Fastest natural base material available, exceptionally durable, absorbs deeper & retains wax longer; Other Standard Damping, Centered Stance, Base Bevel 1; :: Women > Snowboards Size: 147cm,150cm.

Price: £233.99 at Surfdome