Women's Capita Jess Kimura Pro Snowboard - All Sizes


Hybrid FK Camber Profile: A perfect blend of traditional camber, zero camber and reverse camber; This creates pop, response, predictability and easy turn initiation; Flex: Mid flex that gives a playful easy going feel for hitting the park, carving up the slopes and hitting street spots; Twin Shape: Nose and tail has the same shape, flex and sidecut for easier switch riding and freestyle domination; Blended Radial Sidecut: features a single arc radial through the mid-section of the board; Includes a custom blend zone at the contact points; Varying the length of these zones and tailoring them for certain aspects of riding improves a board's performance greatly; Dynaweave Laminates: Features resin/glass application borrowed from the marine industry and has much rigid qualities; This allows for a decrease in wood core thickness. Triax on top of the core and biax below creates strength and response; Nano carbon forks added for more pop and rebound capabilities; Canadian Maple Dual Core: Poplar strips are fused with more dense and powerful Maple wood; This blend runs through the insert area and along the rails so the rider can hold a solid edge while carviing; This eliminates chatter and provides more power for Ollies and landings; Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Base: Sintered base where the wax wicks to the surface for a freshly waxed feel; Freshened up and re-designed for this season with a new Canadian Maple Dual Core and the new Dynaweave fibreglass lay-up for even more durability, pop and less weight. Jess Kimura's riding knows no boundaries or limits and neither does her pro model snowboard.; The Hybrid FK profile gives cambered pop combined with a catch-free and stable feel of the flat and small rockered zones that works in the streets, on the slopes, in the park and blasting through the pow. This is built with passion for unstoppable progression. Also has some of the best graphics this season!; :: Women > Snowboards Size: 142cm,146cm.

Price: £345.00 at Surfdome