Ride Compact Womens Rocker Freestyle Snowboard 2013


Ride Compact Womens Snowboard - 2013 The 2013 Ride Compact is really for the girl who loves the park! The snowboard offers a hook-free and super smooth feeling ride with the Low Rize™ rocker profile; which is what you want for riding rails and boxes. The Compact is quite flexy for those steezy presses and butters; and has a relative surfy feel. It also has the proven 85A Slimewalls®; which work as a shock absorber and also help the flex. Featuring a lightweight Membrain® top sheet and Cleave Edge™ steel for long life durability; this is the perfect next board for the progressing freestyle rider. An all mountain freestyle true twin board for the female rider who spends alot of time in the park. Specifications: LSD: Ladies Specific Design: These boards feature a narrower waist width; a ladies specific flex pattern; sidecut and finely tuned rocker profile Thin Con construction means the board's tip and tail are thinner; reducing swing weight and enhances nose and tail flex 85A Slimewalls: Durable; and forgiving sidewalls that absorb impacts making the ride smoother Membrain Top sheet: Lightweight top sheet weighing less than half of traditional plastic top sheets Low Rize Rocker - helps keep the nose & tail up in the air on rails and in slush Cleave Edge: Double thickness base edge offering superior strength and durability Foundation Tuned Core Biaxial Glass Fusion 1500 base Centred stance 2x4 Inserts LOWRIZE™ A twin rockered shape that just lifts the contact points out of the snow and has a nearly flat zone under foot. RRP £295

Price: £149.00 at The Board Basement