K2 Sky Lite Womens Snowboard 2014


K2 Sky Lite Womens Snowboard 2014 The new Sky Lite is a really versatile All-terrain board that is great for the female first time buyer; but also suits a more advanced rider looking for a solid board that will perform in all conditions. It has a softer flex; so quite forgiving for the novice through turns and lumpy terrain. The award winning K2 Flatline technology will result in a smooth catch free ride; but also with the necessary response and edgehold to really progress your riding. The Twin shape will please freestylers who like to switch it up; the Sky is the limit. Key Features Baseline: Flatline Technology® Rhythm Core: A Specific core designed for womens style of riding Damping: Standard Construction: Hybritech Shape: Twin Dual Progressive Stance: Centred RRP £280

Price: £199.00 at The Board Basement