K2 Eco Lite Womens Snowboard 2014 Various Sizes


K2 Eco Lite Womens Snowboard 2014 The Eco Lite is the updated version of the Eco Pop; Gretchen Bleiler's pro model K2 board. It is a top end female board with All-mountain high performance in all conditions. The All Terrain Rocker will give you great float for the deep days; but the flat base is going to enable that solid edge hold through turns on groomers. The new Tweekend nose and tail have a longer and more shallow curve; which unlocks a whole new rideable surface giving you a bigger and more stable platform to press and jib. The Harshmelow dampening is K2's magical compound that soaks up chatter and heavy landings. If you are an experienced rider; shred everything the mountain has to offer; check out the new Eco Lite. Key Features: Baseline: All Terrain Rocker Tweekend® Damping: Harshmellow Carbon Web Construction: Hybridlight; Hybritaper Shape: Hyper Twin Progressive Stance: Setback 3/4'' (19mm) Flex: 6 RRP £435

Price: £315.00 at The Board Basement