K2 Sapera BOA Womens Snowboard Boots 2012 in White UK 5.5


K2 Sapera Womens Snowboard Boots - White - 2011/12 Brand New Showroom Sample In Box Sapera is a form of dance from India practiced by the Romani peoples and...it's also a killer K2 Snowboard Boot! K2 comes at you with the Sapera BOA® Snowboard Boots with the intent of giving you an intelligently designed boot that is packed with the most cutting edge technology. Fronted by the famous Boa® Coiler and Conda™ duo; the Sapera is as easy as ever to slip on; tighten up and hit the hill. The Internal Harshmellow™ and Intuition™ technologies make this boot a vibration killer with a custom comfort fit. Boa Conda system lets you tighten the liner from the outside-just pull the chord for on-the-fly fit adjustments without having to loosen the boot shell Boa Coiler system lets you tighten the shell with the twist of a dial Intuition Control liner combines high- and mid-density foam for plenty of support where you need it Internal J bars lock around your ankles to eliminate heel lift 3D Molded dual EVA insole features Harshmellow pods for extra cushioning Dual-density 3D formed tongue and micro-articulating cuff eliminate pressure points and restriction RRP £195

Price: £139.00 at The Board Basement