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A snowboard is a very personal thing and everyone has different requirements and preferences. And while you can get a good idea of what board will suit you best, by reading reviews and getting advice from people in the know, the only way to find out if the two of you are compatible, is to try it out.

Most people want to buy a new board before the start of the season so that they can get the most out of it when winter arrives. And with all the new boards in the shops, and snow starting to fall on the mountains, now is one of the most popular times to buy.

Trying out a board couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is head along to your local snow dome. All of the domes have a large snowboard retailer on-site which have a pool of the latest boards to test. It’s best to give them a quick call before heading down, to ensure that they have the board you want to test available, but once there, all you need to do is pop into the shop and they’ll fix you up with your board of choice in no time!

We headed to Snow+Rock at Hemel Snow Centre last week to check out just how easy it is. They have a massive pool of all the best of this season’s boards, in a range of sizes. All you have to do is pay a £15 deposit, which will be redeemed at the end of session in the form of a credit note. You’ll also have to leave a credit card as a security, which will be locked away while you demo the boards. If you’re not sure what boards you want to demo, the hugely knowledgeable staff at Snow+Rock will be able to advise you. You’re allowed to demo two different boards per session which, if you’re there for a two hour session, will give you a good amount of time to put each of them through their paces.

Snowboards aren’t cheap (unless you find a great deal on SDUK!) so it really is a good idea to try before you buy, and it’s also a great excuse for a pre-season shred!

Listed below are some our favourites, but don’t just take our word for it, go and try them for yourselves, and then find them for the best price on Snowboarding Deals UK!

Salomon Sabotage – Jamie Nicholls’ board of choice. Nuff said.

Salomon Man’s Board – What man can resist the name or the graphics of this board. But it’s not just a superficial stick. This board has substance as well as style, and is a great all rounder for serious riders.

Capita Space Metal Fantasy – While this board is designed for girls who like to jib, it’s also surprisingly stable at speed and floats like a dream in powder.

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