SDUK Snowboarding News: Winter returns to the Alps!

After three weeks with virtually no snow and extremely mild temperatures, winter has finally returned to the Alps. We’ve been out in The Portes du Soleil for the past week and it’s felt like summer! Red faces and arms were a common sight amongst British holidaymakers, while locals and seasonaires more.

It’s snow time!

Wow, what a weekend! Pictures have been flying around the internet showing just how much snow has been falling across the Alps! There has been half a metre of fresh in some places, with even more forecast! What's even better is that it was accompanied by extremely cold temperatures which has allowed more.

Surfdome re-launch their winter sale!

It’s always the way… Just as the winter sales draw to a close, the weather turns, and you start kicking yourself for not having snapped up those bargains on cold weather gear while you had the chance. But luckily this year we’ve had a reprieve as Surfdome have decided to re-launch their winter more.