SDUK Deals of the Week: Great deals on Christmas gifts!

Fighting your way around high street shops on a miserable day, paying full whack for Christmas presents that “will do” is not our idea of fun. Especially when you can get great deals on presents that your nearest and dearest snowboarders will love, whilst sitting by the fire with a beer! Some more.

A further 20% knocked off everything at Extreme Pie

Just when we thought the sales couldn’t get any better, our friends at Extreme Pie have stepped in with a blinding deal and have decided to knock a further 20% off all their winter gear, including everything in their (already epic) sale! You can pick up this DC Amo snowboard jacket, which had more.

SDUK: Your personal online sales shopper

The snowboarding season may only have just begun but it’s already in full swing, and so are the sales. There are some incredible bargains to be had at the moment, so what better time to get kitted out for what is already proving to be an epic winter. But why fight the crowds (and the wind) on more.