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At SDUK we are fully signed up snowboard helmet wearers. The days of the tuff top has gone my friend and we are rocking some of the hottest and most life saving equipment that you will find in the UK, all at sale prices. Not only will wearing a snowboarding helmet help you not to get dead, some of these little beauties look pretty dam good too!

Why wear a snowboarding helmet?
The problem with snowboarding is that sometime gravity can over take the skills that you have got. Before you know what’s going on your flying down hill and your prize possession (that thing that sits on your shoulders) is in prime position for a little bit of biff! Even if you are an accomplished boarder don’t forget, you’re not the only thing on the mountain most of the time. Ice is hard, trees are hard, and other people’s heads (especially if they are wearing a snowboard helmet) are really hard!

Secondly, especially with the new fashionable models that are available, snowboard helmets can replace the beanie that you used to where as they keep your head nice and warm. The other massive advantage of snowboarding helmets is that they are so inexpensive, especially with the sale prices on SDUK. People knock the NHS here in the UK but if you are weighing up the costs between a snowboarding helmet, or a trip down the hill in a helicopter and medical costs at the bottom in a country with a private health care system, the equation is a pretty simple one!

Types of Snowboarding helmets
Racing helmets are the most protective helmet out there. They have shields over the face and thick padding but as a result they are heavier and hotter.

Full shell helmets give good protection for the whole head. Many also have covers for the ears. They’re best for anyone who ever goes a little off the beaten track, or thinks that they may fancy a pop at jumps or the snow park.

Half shell, as the name implies are the smaller version of the full shell helmet. They offer less protection but are lighter. These are ok for anyone who tends to stick to the well groomed slopes at your average resort.

Your snowboarding helmet could be the most important bit of snowboarding kit you ever buy. We have a huge choice of this essential bit of equipment onsite so you are bound to find the right one for you.