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K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2013 in Silver

K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2013 in Silver
£108.00 at The Board Basement

K2 National Snowboard Bindings 2013 in Black

K2 National Snowboard Bindings 2013 in Black
£110.00 at The Board Basement

K2 Formula 2014 Snowboard Bindings Black

K2 Formula 2014 Snowboard Bindings Black
£133.00 at The Board Basement
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Simply put, your snowboard bindings are what attaches you to your board, so getting the right ones is really important.

At SDUK we literally have hundreds of spec’d out choices from all the top brands including Union, Flux, Flow, Burton, Ride and Drake. You will be able to find the snowboard bindings that are right for you and fund them at the cheapest prices in the UK all in one place, what a result!

Basic Snowboard Bindings Considerations
You need to get bindings that fit your boots and board. Snowboard bindings come in different sizes and these obviously fit different boots. If you already have a pair of boots, you are going to be pretty annoyed when your bindings show up and they don’t fit.

Types of Snowboard Bindings
There are two main types of snowboard binding, step-in and strap. The names are pretty self explanatory and both have their merits.

Step-in bindings
As the name suggests these are the type of bindings where you stand on your board and your feet automatically get held in place. There are a few different systems employed by the different manufacturers but Flow have cornered the market well by developing a binding that works with almost all types of soft snowboard boots. The main benefit of step-in’s is the convenience. Particularly as a beginner when you are on and off you board all the time, it’s so simple to just stand on the locking mechanism and get moving.

Strapped Bindings
These are by far the popular snowboard binding. Two straps are used to anchor your feet to the board and they are compatible with almost all soft boot. The other advantage is that (according to many) you get a better feel for your board.

What kind of rider are you?
Snowboard bindings come in varying degrees of stiffness and you need to think about what you are going to be doing on your trip up the hill before finalising your choice. Softer bindings are best for those doing tricks or riding freestyle as they are more forgiving. Imagine landing heavily from a kicker - in softies you stand a better chance of not breaking your ankle! Because of the forgiving nature they are also best for beginners. Stiffer bindings are better for the more advanced rider as they are more responsive.

These are the basic considerations that you need to take into account when looking for the snowboard bindings of your dreams. At Snowboarding Deal UK we have the best sale prices offered by the Uk’s leading retailers. What are you waiting for, check it out!