Men's Salomon The Villain Snowboard - All Sizes


Rock Out Camber Profile: Flat between the bindings with positive camber under the feet for response; Rocker by the tip/tail for pressability and a catch free ride; Flex: A medium flex for all-round jib and freestyle performance; Twin Shape: Identical tip/tail lengths and shapes, symmetrical core profiling, flex and a centered binding stance; Aspen Select Core: Every single FSC certified wood strip is hand selected to ensure unparalleled core quality and lightne; Natural snap and pop is maximised through added carbon stringers and Popster core profiling; Laminates: New fibre tech that increase board solidity and provide more response thanks to a stiffer structure; Royal Rubber Pads Sidewalls: 4 mm Soft Royal Rubber blocks are inserted into the high-pressure zones of ABS sidewalls; This creates dampening vibrations and mellows out the big impacts; Sidecut: Equalizer Rad: Salomon's Premium Blend equaliser and Radial lines blended together; This creates the perfect balance of response and playfulness; Base: Area 51 Base: a high density sintered based laced with a secret wax formula; The Area 51 Base has a specially engineered factory finish for air time and durability; A pure-bred freestyle machine developed by Louif Paradis that has become one of the most popular boards in the Salomon line-up. Built with the Rock out camber which feels like a normal responsive camber until you load it up with pressure when the tips flatten out so you get a nice stable zone for ollies, presses and landings. ; It feels lively with masses of pop for hitting jumps, rails and the kinked Equalizer sidecut adds extra grip for putting carves down. The medium flex helps to make this an easy going, yet responsive and poppy jib/freestyle board that will suit your park riding needs. :: Men > Snowboards Size: 153cm,155cm,158cm.

Price: £349.99 at Surfdome