Men's Salomon Craft Snowboard - All Sizes


Flat Out Rocker: Flat between the inserts for stability with rocker on the tip and tail for playful, catch free ride; Flex: Soft: Easy manoeuvrability and progression; True Twin Shape: Identical tip/ tail lengths and shapes, symmetrical core profiling, flex and centred binding stance; Aspen Strong Core: Full Aspen wood core with Popster core profile; This improves strength, natural snap and powerful pop; Laminates: Medium density European made fibreglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for a light, lively feel; Royal Rubber Pads Sidewalls: 4 mm Soft Royal Rubber blocks are inserted into the high-pressure zones of ABS sidewalls; This creates dampening vibrations and mellows out the big impacts; Sidecut: Equalizer Rad: Salomon's Premium Blend equaliser and Radial lines blended together; This creates the perfect balance of response and playfulness; Base: Extruded EG: A hard compound extruded base with increased gliding characteristics and easy maintenance; Close relative of the Salomon Assassin, the Craft has the same ability to rip parks, pow or groomers but in a more easy going and affordable package. It's still fully stacked with tech to take your riding to the next level.; Rock Out camber for all mountain performance, Equalizer Rad sidecut to keep your carving hook free and precise, Royal Rubber Pads soften your landings and Popster construction for that extra snap. That's quite a lot of bang for your buck right there!; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 152cm,154cm,156cm,158cm.

Price: £289.99 at Surfdome