Men's Ride Helix Snowboard - All Sizes


Hybrid Twin: Positive camber through the mid section all way out to the micro-rocker zones in the tip/ tail; Power and pop of traditional camber with small rocker zones for easy turn initiation and less edge catch; Flex: Medium: for stability at speed and precision still being playful enough to suit all your freestyle needs; Shape: Asymmetrical Twin: Twin shape, flex and with a centred stance but with a deeper heelside sidecut; This balances out your body's imbalance. Asymmetry gives you better control and precision!; Core: Pop Rods 2.0: Aspen wood with flat carbon rods wrapping a urethane slime core placed in the tip and tail; These rods give pop and playfulness and at the same time smoothen out the landings; Laminates: Hybrid Glass/Carbon Array 3: Triaxial on top, Biaxial on the base, balanced torsion and stiffness; Carbon stringers are placed in the binding zone to channel rider input to the opposing contact point for max board control; Sidewalls: Slimewalls: Exlusive to Ride the Slimewalls are forgiving and ductile; These urethane sidewalls smoothen out the interaction with any snow, wood or metal surface you might find yourself on; Base: Fusion 4000: Sintered for a more dureable, harder and faster ride with masses of wax retention; The Helix is Ride's new asymmetrical twin park destroyer. With a deeper heel side sidecut to compensate for the fact you can't put as much pressure on your heels as you can on your toes. With this issue addressed you will find yourself riding with better overall balance and precision. The carbon/urethane Pop Rods gives more ollie power and adds snap to your turns. Micro-rocker zones by the nose and tail making turn initiations easier and takes away the dreaded edge catch. The Helix will have you ready for park domination in no time at all.; ; Please Note: Base colours may vary from image :: Men > Snowboards Size: 153cm,155cm,157cm,159cm.

Price: £419.99 at Surfdome