Men's Nitro Eero Snowboard - Multi


Lowrider Camber: The ultimate freestyle camber with perfect amount of flex. Awesome stability, snap and pop; The subtle positive camber curve ensures the board easily flexes while pressing; Sintered Speed Forumula II Base: Super fast and durable! The nanotech wax formula makes base lightning fast; Amplify your speed in all snow conditions with the sintered base material; Railkiller Edge: Unique edge profile with impact resistance of more than 200% compared to standard edge; This board can handle years of hitting rails! File the edges down or wear them down naturally; Powerlite Core: For lightweight performance with pop thanks to poplar wood; The core gives unmatched strength at a minimum weight; Diamond Band: Ultra strong and lightweight with carbon reinforcement; Tip-to-tail stringers transfer rider's input to drive the board and help you stay in control; Ballistic Impact Panel: Kevlar©® can take on bullets! Used in strategic places around the binding-to-board interface; The impact panel protects the board from impacts during hard landings; Tri-Lite Laminates: Responsive and balanced, this is the perfect mix of flex and torsion control; Fibers run in 3 directions to allow for quick turns and a highly responsive board; The Eero board is Pro approved, pro designed and pro quality! As Eero Ettala says himself about the board: 'My new graphic makes me smile and laugh, which definitely brings good vibes to the slopes'. :: Men > Snowboards Size: 155cm,157cm.

Price: £291.84 at Surfdome