Men's Lib Tech Lib Banana Magic HP Wide Snowboard - All Sizes


Camber Profile: Enhanced Banana!: A magical blend of Lib's highest Banana Tech Rocker been your feet and camber; Camber to the contact points give a smooth and catch free ride; Flex: Mid/Stiff: medium to stiffish flex depending on board size; Up to 154cm has medium flex and board sizes above have a slightly stiffer flex; Shape: True Twin: Nose and tail has the same shape, flex and sidecut for easier switch riding and freestyle domination; Edges: Magne-Traction - Strategic serrations gives you unreal edge hold and control no matter what the conditions; Basically seven points of focused edge control for your carving pleasure!; Laminates Basalt: Strong light Volcanic organic additive free fibre reinforcements; Flex modulus is synchronized with Lib Tech's resin system for maximum strength and minimum weight; Damp, strong, and lively for a smooth poppy ride; Core: Aspen, Polonia and Columbian Gold: renewable ECO woods to keep you with light, lively fibres; ECO Sublimation: Libtech's unique water based graphic process uses no solvents or clear coats in the manufacturing proces; This environmentally friendly alternative is used for both top sheet and base graphics; Base: Co-Sintered base material: Fast, rugged and with maximum wax retention to make you fly down the mountain; With design and construction wizardry from Libtech co-founder Mike Olson, and killer graphics by artists Schopf, what can go wrong? Nothing as it seems actually. The Banana Magic has a beautiful balance between being an easy going twin jib/freestyle board to an all mountain cruiser that can tackle ice and hardpack as well as deep powder. With rocker between your feet and cambered zones towards the nose and tail you get a really good mix of playfulness at slower speeds and stability/response when cranking up the pace. The Horse Power construction gets you a very light and lively ride. What else would you want? Proper skull graphics of course! This piece of art could hang on your living room wall or be used as a go everywhere jib/freestyle fun stick!; Banana Magic BTX Snowboard 2015-2016 - Lib Tech from Lib Tech on Vimeo. :: Men > Snowboards Size: 158cm,162cm.

Price: £564.99 at Surfdome