Men's Capita The Black Snowboard Of Death Snowboard - All Sizes


Mountain FK Camber Profile: Custom designed rockered nose, positive camber in the mid section; Combo of flat and rocker in the tail for directional all mountain performance; Flex: A nice mid-stiff flex pattern for blasting powder, hitting jumps and just slaying the whole mountain in general; Blended Radial Sidecut: features a single arc radial through the mid-section of the board; Includes a custom blend zone at the contact points; Varying the length of these zones and tailoring them for certain aspects of riding improves a board's performance greatly; Dynaweave Laminates: Features resin/glass application borrowed from the marine industry and has much rigid qualities; This allows for a decrease in wood core thickness. Triax on top of the core and biax below creates strength and response; Nano carbon forks added for more pop and rebound capabilities; Hoover Core: Low density Paulowia strips and Poplar beams create an extremely light and strong core; Omega Speed Base: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Sintered for speed, this base is porous; The base absorbs more wax to get you riding faster for longer; Skull graphics and a somewhat intimidating name... but don't let that fool you. This beauty is more likely to make you smile and step your riding up a notch. It's aimed towards the intermediate - pro rider who wants a proper high-tech all terrain slayer that they can get rad on no matter where or what they feel like riding on any given day. The rockered nose makes turn initiation easy and gives you plenty of float in powder. With the directional shape and slightly tapered profile towards the tail you get drive and snap exiting the turn so you are ready for the next without losing speed or power. It has a light, lively and responsive feel to it without being demanding to ride so works well for slow speed messing about as well as high speed charging in whatever snow conditions.; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 156cm,159cm,162cm.

Price: £439.99 at Surfdome