Men's Capita Defenders Of Awesome Wide Snowboard - All Sizes


Hybrid FK Camber Profile: A perfect blend of traditional camber, zero camber and reverse camber; This creates pop, response, predictability and easy turn initiation; Flex: A nice mid-stiff flex pattern for power to hit jumps, rails, powder or piste; The flex includes enough friendliness to be fun at slow speeds on those lazy days; Twin Shape: Nose and tail has the same shape, flex and sidecut for easier switch riding and freestyle domination; Blended Radial Sidecut: features a single arc radial through the mid-section of the board; Includes a custom blend zone at the contact points; Varying the length of these zones and tailoring them for certain aspects of riding improves a board's performance greatly; Laminates: Special Blend EVO tech: an ECO friendly wet lay-up process requiring lower energy consumption; This process yields higher technical properties; Bi-Axial weaves on top and bottom with carbon additives to customize performance; Core: DS Select RFC Sustainable Dual Core: Featuring a lightweight and poppy Poplar foundation; Beech is placed through the inserts for durability. A consistent, comfortable and powerful full wood core; Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Base: Sintered base where the wax wicks to the surface for a freshly waxed feel; The name gives an indication to how good this board actually is! This is a playful yet powerful ride that can certainly excel in the park but still hold its own in the all mountain/powder stakes. The use of traditional, zero and reverse camber creates a perfect blend of easy turn initiation, control and pop. It's lightweight, but still built to take some abuse and hard charging. Good choice for any intermediate to pro that needs an all mountain/freestyle board to tackle everything with. This is one of those snowboards you know will work no matter what the weather, mountain or life will throw your way! Get one and be a Defender of Awesome!; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 155cm,158cm.

Price: £329.99 at Surfdome