Men's Burton Landlord Snowboard - All Sizes


Directional Camber: A blend of rocker and camber in the nose combines float and control; Camber under the back foot drives with power and stabililty; Medium Flex: Flex pattern is directional so more power and drive in the tail; A softer flex in the nose for good float and easy control; Directional (Tapered Shape): Classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail; This results in plenty of float, flow and control to rip on any terrain or condition; 45 Carbon Highlights High Voltage Laminates: Optimises each layer of the fibreglass matrix and adds tip-to-tail carbon la; This reduces weight and fine tunes torsional feel for a more aggressive ride; Carbon is also added to the angled fibre layers to add life and further reduce weight; Dragonfly 600G Core: The use of end grainwoods in impact zones has allowed the swap to more lightweight species; The end grain-woods do not sacrifice on strength; Squeezebox High Core Profile: Improves pop and performance through thicker, powerful zones and thinner zones; Rider energy is transferred outward from feet to tip and tail to make the board snappier and have almost instant response; Multizone EDG: In four separate zones, the wood grain is perpendicular to the core, adjacent to the insert Channel; Sintered WFO Base: Wax infused, super absorbent and ultra durable sintered base for maximum speed all season long; Take charge of the side- and backcountry lines with the Burton Landlord. With a directional flex pattern and camber profile, with a slight taper towards the tail, this is geared towards powder riding and piste charging. Sure you can ride it switch but who wants that when you can have effortless float and precision turns riding it regular? With the power concentrated in the tail you also have masses of pop at your disposal for boosting off natural lips and rollers as well as snap and drive in and out of turns. Chilled turns in deep pow or ''cranked up to 11'' turns on groomers, cliff drop methods and straight airs over rollers is where this board is at.; :: Men > Snowboards Size: 154cm,159cm,163cm.

Price: £519.99 at Surfdome